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Walking in Cornwall FAQs



Questions and answers about walking with Adventureline in Cornwall

How, when - and for how long?
We run weekly tours through many weeks between April-October. Arrive on a Saturday and depart the following Saturday. You will stay in one place all week. Some people come for 2 weeks. We advise on how to reach Cornwall easily.

How fit do I need to be?
You should be able to walk between 5 and 9 miles per day over five consecutive days. These distances can occasionally feel more than they actually are, because the Cornwall trails are sometimes a little rough and quite steep in places - however much gentler in others. (It is quite feasible that we sometimes select walks that do not always visit the rougher areas.) There are occasional stiles between fields to clamber over - generally; it’s quite easy walking. However, if you have knee joints that trouble you, or you suffer from vertigo - think carefully before you book please!

What kind of accommodations will I stay in?
You will stay in a Hotel with Half Board or a B&B. We work with several local accommodation providers and each has its’ own specialty.

How much will it cost?
Our holidays vary in price, depending only upon the accommodation you select - and the season. The cheapest option (B&B option) could be as little as £750 per week - and the most expensive option (luxury hotel) could be as much as £1,025 inclusive of all meals. However, the average price paid is about £875 per week Prices cover everything (including the five days of walks, transport and lunches) for 7 nights.

Triptych Cornwall clients

What kind of people come on our holidays?
You never know who you will meet on one of our holidays - singles, couples and families. We attract people of all ages from all walks of life - and from all corners of the globe. About 60% of our guests are from outside Britain and of those, a good number are from other English speaking countries. Most weeks see us with a truly international group, who mostly always speak English. We average about 60% female and 40% male guests (who usually make great new friends - often keeping in touch and visiting each other abroad). The age range is usually somewhere between late 20’s and mid 70's. On our foreign holidays, we usually attract old friends who have walked with us in Cornwall (or elsewhere) before - but certainly not always!

Oddly, the kinds of people that are attracted to our holidays are almost always VERY compatible and they always comment to us that they have really enjoyed meeting and getting to know the other guests. We have also even been the catalyst for a few people marrying each other over the years!!! Our easy style of operation ensures that everyone gets their chance to shine. Our guests usually already appreciate Nature - friendly companionship and warm, intelligent conversation.

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How easy is it to get to Cornwall?
It is very easy to get here by air, rail, bus or car. We provide full assistance in the event of a booking, giving you the best options and ideas of costs. West Cornwall is some 300 miles west of London and as a guide; a fast train takes 4.5 hours to get here from the London area. Flights from London Gatwick to Newquay Cornwall take about 1 hour.

Will my dietary requirements be catered for?
Absolutely no problem! Just tell us what you require and we will arrange it for you. Vegetarians are very well catered for in our partner accommodation providers.

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What is a typical day like?
We pick you up from your hotel at about 9.30 in our mini bus and drive off to a different part of Cornwall every day Monday through Friday (Sunday usually being a free day) - taking scenic routes so that you also get to see many other lovely places along the way. We then walk for about 6 hours duration, with stops for us to impart information, wildlife viewing, gazing & soaking up the atmosphere, having lunch, swimming & personal explorations (if appropriate) and any other activity you might like. We provide a wholesome picnic lunch and drinks.

We always remain very flexible and we know that this kind of holiday is so much more enjoyable if the actual structure remains rather loosely fitting. We end the day with hot tea and biscuits when we get back to the bus. If possible, we then take a different but scenic route home again.

If you have any other questions about our holidays, do please contact us.


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