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Martin's Philosophy

In Martin's own words...


"Being a keen general naturalist, I have found that by combining an appreciation of a wide range of natural phenomena, it becomes much easier to enjoy a particular region, its plants and creatures, its peculiar local characteristics and its peoples - with their own unique history.

My interests (apart from sharing my enthusiasms with others) include botany, ornithology, archaeology, geology and mineralogy, industrial heritage (hard rock mining), the sea and its creatures - and our ever changing climate.

I try to adopt a rather relaxed approach as a guide, for I know from experience that humour, coupled with good local knowledge and a genuine enthusiasm, is what really holds a group happily together and allows them to get the best out of their shared experiences... for I believe that sharing beauty and knowledge of our environment is one of the greatest gifts we can give others.

Each group of mixed individuals and couples is different and we therefore always try to remain flexible in our approach, so that we can respond to each person's wishes in a way, which easily fits in with the rest of the group. This means that we can usually cater for those who might like to "stride out" a bit further one day, as well as for those who prefer to take things a little more gently.

On a typical day, we might cover between 5 and 9 miles (average 7) - it is at a pace that will give us time to observe many things along the way. We'd like you to have the opportunity to really "feel" the area's magical spirit.

Our flexibility is the key to our success - for although we will have an itinerary "in mind" for each day, we are always ready to respond to the vagueness of the weather and to requests for a change of plan.

Over the past 30 years, as well as conducting our usual weekly programmes for individuals, couples and families - we have hosted many specialist organisations, such as America’s Connecticut Audubon Society, The National Geographic Society of Washington D.C. Sihler Reisen of Germany, Ventures Inc. of North Carolina, The Sierra Club of San Francisco, The Appalachian Mountain Club of New England, Global Express of Seattle, 5th Dimension Outdoor Club of Calgary, The “Chicks with Sticks” of Calgary, The Wilderness Society of Georgia, Hotelplan of Switzerland, The Ya Ya's of North Carolina, Naturkontakt of Bavaria, Paddington of Holland - and here in Britain, Saga Holidays.

Triptich MartWherever you may live, we are sure that you will appreciate the unique nature of Cornwall and other places in the UK and beyond ... and we look forward to welcoming you - when it will be our pleasure to share some of the most spectacular and enchanting places, wildlife and history that exhibit themselves wherever we walk.

Adventureline master logoPlease contact us if you would like to receive any of our beautiful brochures by email, which are detailed and fully illustrated.

Yours sincerely, Martin. 

To view photos from our walking holidays please go to our Facebook page.