Morocco Itinerary

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Guided Walking and Trekking Holidays in MOROCCO

This is just a guide... please contact us for our up-to-date itinerary


Day 1.
You will be met at Marrakech airport and transferred to Hotel Ali, just off the central square "Place D'Jemma Fna". After dinner, we may visit the square, where medieval scenes will amaze you - with snake charmers, fire dancers and lots of hustle and bustle. You can arrive a day or two earlier (we'll arrange accommodation for you) and have some time to explore Marrakech in greater detail before the trek commences.

Day 2. (This day can also be after the trek, i.e. 14th day).
This day is free for you to visit the gardens, souks, mosques, royal palace or whatever takes your fancy. After dinner at the hotel, we all get together and meet our mountain guide Slimane Baadoud. We will bring maps of the Jebel Sarhro and go through the proposed route with you and answer any questions you may have. We get to know each other and generally relax after your journey to Morocco.

PB020348Day 3.
After breakfast, we load-up the luggage and depart Marrakech for the High Atlas Mountains and the 2788m pass of Tizi-n'Tichka. This part of the journey may take us through snow and ice, however the scenery is stunning. Descending down the far side of the Atlas, we come to Ouarzazate - sitting splendidly in the Vallee du Dades, dotted with Kasbahs. This huge valley separates the High Atlas from the Jbel Sarhro range - and The Sahara Desert, just to the south. We continue eastwards through the valley - finally reaching the remote village of Handour, where we stay the night in a Berber village house. From here on we sleep on covered foam mattresses - which are surprisingly comfortable!

Day 4. We arise to be greeted by a distant panorama of snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas behind us and the peaks of the Jebel Sarhro before us. These may or may not be snow capped too! After breakfast, the muleteers join us and load up the mules with all our provisions for the next 10 days. Now our trek really begins! This first day takes us slowly ever upwards, till we almost reach Tizlit Pass, at 2400m. This day, we have climbed about 700m and we camp some 400m below the pass. From here on, spectacular silence is our companion.

Day 5.
We follow the faint trail up the mountain, and reach the pass late morning. Breath taking views surround us - with higher peaks beside us. Here is an option to scale the summit @ 2700m (almost 9000 feet). From here on we descend into the maze of valleys, canyons and gorges of the “Sarhro Interior”. This night, we camp at lower altitude - where it is much warmer - in fact, it is hard to believe that just half a days walk away, there might have been snow!

Days 6 to 13.
A succession of timeless valleys, oases, strange rock formations, remote villages, Kasbahs, gorges, waterfalls and pools, mesas, pinnacles and “otherworldly” scenes. Each night, we camp where water is to be found (variable) - and each day, we walk for about 5 or 6 hours. If the group wish is such, we maybe spend 2 nights in one particularly lovely spot, so that we can rest, sunbathe, swim, climb, collect crystals, look at wildlife - or whatever takes your fancy! Some days, there are opportunities to meet local people we "happen past" - as they herd their animals or pass on their way. Evenings are very pleasant, with plenty of time to gaze at stars that probably never shine quite so brightly at home! Slimane's team prepare very tasty meals and if you are vegetarian - no problem!

The trek ends after three days trekking along The Valley of the Roses, in the foothills of The High Atlas Mountains. This part of the journey is flat and full of water and gardens! The total distance walked over 10 days is approximately 100 miles.

Day 14.
We return to Marrakech - night in Hotel Ali. This is the night of hot baths (and maybe a drink or two!) and a selection of delicious authentic Berber Tagines for dinner, with live music too... and just around the corner, can be had a Turkish bath, if your body desires it!

Day 15.
EITHER FLY HOME or explore Marrakech.

Day 15 or 16.
Transfer to Essaouira, where we stay in a comfortable hotel. Several days of rest and relaxation, with a wonderful selection of craft shops and places to eat. Fishing port and large beach and dunes. Cat Stephens and Jimi Hendrix once lived here - where Jimi composed “Castles Made of Sand”. With the trek over, we can really enjoy a rest - both the body and mind!

Day 19.
Transfer back to Marrakech and fly home - or last night in Hotel Ali.

Day 20. Fly home. (Of course, you may opt to make this optional extension to Essaouira shorter)


This photo is of a remote camping place called Tassigdelt, where cliffs 500 feet high rear above, composed of an amazing conglomerate. Birds of prey are commonly seen here, as are choughs.

Some 300 miles from Marrakech, this region of the Berber and Ait-Atta peoples is spectacular in so many ways. Sandwiched between the Sahara Desert and the High Atlas, it is a rarely visited region, only recently developing trekking possibilities. The local people are somewhat cut-off from the rest of Morocco - let alone the world. With a simple yet dignified lifestyle, they eke out a living by growing all their own food (using very cleverly constructed irrigation methods) and keeping goats and sheep and a few cattle. Their mode of transport is usually by mule.

Most of the women are a little shy, however the men and children are not. We trek for 10 days over and through this mountain range - sometimes coming into contact with local villagers and wandering nomads.

Immense amazing landscapes, wonderful birdlife, unique culture, incredible geology, beautiful clear skies and starlit nights, clean environment, plants and reptiles. Good cuisine - and of course, wonderfully colourful and creative indigenous people.  

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