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These are some of the genuine testimonials received over the years from our many satisfied clients:  

A great recommendation as the Isles of Scilly were magical in their location, weather, walking trails, beaches and land formations. This along with a great group of hikers made a perfect experience for us. We did like the laid-back atmosphere which allowed time to enjoy each of five islands hiking experience. The accommodations, with views of the harbour and outlying islands, along with wonderful meals were a treat also. All in all a well worth while experience to remember. We do have a fist full of memories with all our Adventureline hikes. You did it again. Dave and Nancy Ridgway, WA, USA.

My wife and I (Canadians in our early 60s) joined our Adventureline guide Martin Hunt and four women (two British; one Australian and one German) for a five day coastal hike along the Cornwall coastline in late July 2017. Prior to our trip Martin helped us book accommodation in the small town of St. Agnes at the Cleaderscroft Hotel, a well-located bed and breakfast near several pubs and eateries, and a short walk up from a lovely cove and beach. It was a nice mixture of nationalities in our group, and we typically met to socialize after the day's hiking was over with meals and drinks together. Our tour had no fixed itinerary, but instead relied on our guide's local knowledge and expert weather assessment. Martin would pick up each member of our group every morning after breakfast and transport us to different locations to start our day's hiking. At an appropriate time in mid-day, there would be a break where all members were provided with a lunch prepared by Martin consisting of a hefty sandwich and several healthy snacks. The day ended with everyone receiving a cup of tea and biscuit, sometimes taken around Martin's van or, if conditions were good, sitting on a grassy knoll overlooking the ocean. Martin would then deliver everyone back to their respective lodgings. The hiking routes chosen by Martin provided breathtaking scenery: coastal cliffs, tin mines, old churches, harbour towns and beaches where bathers and surfers abound. He gave interesting insight to the local history, geological formations and the flora and fauna of the area, often pointing out wildlife such as cormorants and seals. Throughout the daily hike Martin made it a point to converse with each of the group members individually so that all felt involved. He also assessed the capabilities of the hikers and their interests in choosing the routes, and the walking conditions were reasonably challenging but not too daunting. Occasionally near the end of the day Martin would leave the group to continue on their own along a well-defined path so that he could recover his van and rendezvous with the hikers at a convenient location. We found our experience with Martin and the Adventureline tour company to be excellent, and would highly recommend them to anyone considering a coastal hike in the Cornwall area. Kenneth Ryan, August 2017.

Going with Adventureline and their clients from all over the world on a hiking tour is like travelling with friends. I already did a few hiking holidays with them in England, Scotland and Iceland and would not have wanted to miss a day of it! Rosemarie de Silva, Germany. March 2017.

Visiting northern Norway was a revelation.  The trip organised by Martin Hunt of Adventureline was challenging and great fun at the same time. Walking north of the Arctic circle, swimming in the high lakes and the sea, enjoying home cooked meals and well as restaurant ones was a  joy and delight.  As always with Adventureline, everything was organised with flair and a light touch which seem to work seamlessly. I have been recommending this trip to all my friends. Biddy Collyer, Norfolk UK. January 2017.

We had beautiful late April weather and varied hikes along the gorgeous Cornwall coast.  Martin is a knowledgeable guide with interesting historic and geologic stories, always adding his love of and interest in the flora and fauna of the gardens, farms and seasides we visited in Cornwall.  I recommend this trip! Kathleen Woehrling, Massachusetts USA, Nov 2016.
The walking holiday on the Isles of Scilly was fab. Really enjoyed trips out to the different islands, scenery was marvellous. We were looked after really well and the group was great - really good fun. Lots of happy memories and I'd love to do another walking holiday with Adventureline....maybe Tuscany or Norway next! Janette Diomede, UK. Nov 2016.

Norway was a visual feast, a stunningly beautiful country, clean and safe and welcoming. Martin and his guides attended to our needs, and provided quaint lodgings and delicious meals for a memorable visit to the Lofotens. We can heartily recommend this trip if you are fit, willing to share accommodations and open to new experiences! Vickie and Dewey, USA. 2016.

In October 2016 I took my second holiday with Adventureline. This was to Southern Tuscany (my first was to Cornwall in 2015). I am still raving about the trip to my friends and family. Everything about the trip exceeded my expectations. The scenery was beautiful, the hiking was exhilarating, and the food was phenomenal. Most of all, I enjoyed the company of my fellow travelers and the hospitality of Martin and Laine. Alex Ratnovsky, USA. 2016

We traveled with Martin and Laine in the Umbrian region of Italy in October 2016. Over the course of 12 days, we hiked into beautiful and historic towns, through olive tree groves, along parts of the Via Francigena pilgrim route, up to mountain meadows, across a Roman aqueduct spanning a huge valley, into magnificent churches and city centers, up to an hermitage dating back to the days of St. Francis of Assisi...taking in views, culture, history, and stories of the region. It was breathtaking. We watched harvesting of the olives, visited an olive mill to see olive oil production, had wine tastings of local wines, picnicked for lunch in the countryside, toured medieval palaces with beautifully preserved frescoes, toured the UNESCO World Heritage city of Assisi, learned about the local fishing methods near Lake Trasimeno, even rented bikes during our free time to explore. We visited at least a dozen towns in Umbria. We stayed at three lodgings which each brought their own character to our experience: an agriturismo, a hotel by the lake, and what we so fondly called our "hotel in the sky", a resort in the setting of an old Italian hill town. All our meals were incredible, with generous portions and wonderful wine, which we could enjoy "guilt-free" after having walked several miles during the day. This was our second tour with Adventureline, and after both tours, we felt that we had been thoroughly immersed in the region, and experienced it in so many different ways. Martin, Laine obviously love these places and what they do; they share their knowledge and passion; and they put together a trip which is classy in every detail. We will be back for more! Kathleen and Martin Berry, Massachussetts, Nov 2016. 
Melbourne seems a million miles away from the extra-ordinary Lofoton Islands in time and space. What a stunning experience! Scenery beyond belief, mountains rising vertically from the sea (well almost) and yet we climbed them – I feel so chuffed about what I accomplished – beyond all my expectations of myself. Thanks for having the confidence in the abilities of our aging group - neither you nor Luca seemed to doubt that we would make it. And what a great group – we all egged each other on by just keeping going. This trip was one of a few lifetime highlights for me.  Sorting photos has been a good way to keep the memories from fading too soon. Penny and Ian Morison, Australia. Sept 2016.

My wife and I just returned home from a spectacular week of hiking in Cornwall with Martin Hunt of Adventureline. Over the years, we have hiked with many other walking holiday operators, and Martin is top of the heap, so much fun to spend time with. He knows everything about walking in Cornwall and seemingly has been everywhere, he offered options each day to optimize our experience, based on the weather and our interests, was such a gracious host, and is extraordinarily personable. He has in depth familiarity with the landscape, the birds, the flowers, and the culture and history of this beautiful area, and took us to secret places most visitors never see. We hope to be fortunate enough to hike with him again. Michael and Heidi Rotberg 2016

I've just returned from a walking holiday on Dartmoor with Martin and it was not only immensely enjoyable but also an eye-opener. Thanks to Martin's innate knowledge of the area, we were able to experience a diversity of landscapes that I for one didn't appreciate Dartmoor possessed; from high tor-topped moorland to wooded river valleys - fantastic . The accommodation Adventureline had organised was first class, friendly and welcoming. This won't be the last time I adventure with Adventureline and I heartily recommend it to anyone who enjoys communing with nature with an open-hearted but thoroughly professional organisation. Thanks y'all. Mic Warmington, Bristol, July 2016.

The Dartmoor Walking holiday proved to be another great experience with Adventureline - we really enjoyed ourselves despite the weather not always behaving absolutely perfectly. Martin knows the area so well and has so much information stored that the trip was never boring as he adapted the hikes to the weather conditions. Staying at the Harrabeer Hotel is lovely, with really friendly hosts and wonderful meals. I think it is the small extras that Martin provided on this trip that made it memorable - like taking us all out after dinner to watch the sunset from a high granite tor, or taking us to Tavistock on a wet day to enjoy the markets and sightseeing - and with an extra walk in the afternoon it was a great day well spent. This tour was my seventh trip since 2011 and I am sure it will not be my last. Many thanks Adventureline and many greetings to Martin and Laine from a grateful client and friend. Diane Raabe, Germany. July 2016.

We made it home in one piece, but are now missing all of our travel companion! Italy was a fantastic country to visit, and you two were the kindest tour guides one could ever wish for. We, Susan and Rhonda... your favourite friends from Canada, thank you again for the great adventure and look forward to seeing you two on another adventure in the near future.... Big hug to you both I hope all is wonderful in your world...  Rhonda Furguson, Vancouver Island, Canada, May 2016.

This Amalfi trip was exceptional...everything from the moment we arrived at our lunch spot that first day to our interesting boat ride on the last day has been unbelievable. Such a diverse choice of accommodations, the dinners left me speechless (and overstuffed!!). Our cooking lesson was such fun. The lunches... all the wine.... And to finish at this little bit of heaven!! Can't say enough. Joanne Morris, Vancouver Island, May 2016.

Dear Martin & Laine and Luca, I wanted to extend my sincerest thank you to you for giving me the most amazing experience (hiking in The Amalfi Coast) I have ever had!! I have not travelled very much and so this experience rates very high for me. The hiking, the accommodations, the food, the group of ladies and most of all the 3 of you made this trip a very memorable one for me. Thank you all so very much! I hope to take advantage of some of the other hiking trips you offer. Have a wonderful summer, and I will keep my eye open for when I'm in England in September!! Debbie Harper, British Columbia, May 2016.

Dear Martin and Laine, I just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of us all on our Amalfi hike. It was an experience I will never forget and when I look back at some of our photos and the hikes, I am surprised and pleased that I was able to do it! The food and the wine and the hospitality of the hotels we stayed in were all remarkable and very unique in their own way. Once again my heartfelt thanks. Evelyn Meredith-Jon, Vancouver Island, May 2016.

I had a fantastic holiday with Martin. Cornwall is really magnificent and Martin knows it like the palm of his hand, which makes him such a good guide. His vivid explanations about history and geology are just great. I hope I can travel with them again. Thanks very much. Asun Borrego-Laso, Spain, January 2016.

I have been on three Adventureline holidays – to Cornwall and the Scilly Isles – and loved every one. Martin's enthusiasm for the natural world, conservation and local history is contagious. He takes you to places and introduces you to people you would probably never encounter as an ordinary holidaymaker - beautiful beaches, caves, hidden coves, wildlife habitats (we took a rib boat right up close to a large colony of seals basking on a rocky outcrop), local craftspeople and ancient sights. He tells us about the history, stories and special features of places as we walk but is always engaging and amusing – it never feels like lecturing. Not abiding to a strict itinerary, Martin assesses weather conditions and other factors each morning to make sure that we get the very best out of every day. We walk all day but at a sociable pace that allows you to stop and enjoy sights, visit interesting and quirky places, perhaps take a swim or beachcomb for pretty shells or sea glass. The more adventurous may be given the opportunity to attempt slightly more challenging deviations, so all fitness levels are catered for. Adventureline ensures that their holidays are great fun, laid-back, sociable and friendly and they are extremely good at getting to know each member of the group and making sure everybody feels included and is having a good time. After a full day's walking, the evenings, spent at local restaurants and pubs serving delicious food, are always enjoyable and an excellent way to really get to know your fellow walkers and make new friends. Jane Clargo, London, Nov 2015.

Martin is a true enthusiast and naturalist at heart. He genuinely loves what he does and that's what makes it special for those of us who join him on his walks. I've been on two walking holidays with him and I just know that no one else could have shown me Cornwall or Dartmoor the way he has! The whole holiday experience with Laine and Martin has been so memorable, thank you both! X x Damini Singh, Nov 2015.

Martin introduced us to the history, wildlife and geology of Cornwall and we enjoyed that experience so much that we ventured to Iceland earlier this year. There, the combination of walking and 4 WD touring, much of it away from the busy tourist routes, gave us a fascinating insight to the Icelandic landscape and geology. The stark unspoilt vistas of snow-covered volcanoes, extensive glaciers, huge waterfalls and other spectacular landforms left a lasting appreciation of Iceland. This trip certainly illustrated the extraordinary processes which shape the earth. Martin's and guide/chef, Luca's passion for geology and the environment were very contagious and added another dimension to our daily walks. Luca's delicious meals capped off each days activities perfectly. Laine and Martin took great care to ensure the activities suited everyone's abilities and they were wonderful hosts for both trips. We look forward to walking with them again soon in another beautiful part of the world. Ian Stewart, Australia, Oct 2015.

Adventureline was all and more than we hoped for! We have taken two tours with Martin in England and they were exciting, enriching, fun and altogether wonderful experiences. Martin’s enthusiasm, knowledge and sensitivity to his group was perfect – always able to outsmart the weather and take us for walks that were away from the rain. Even in the rain, it was always a treat! The pace was just right, invigorating and challenging but not “killing” walks that 'did you in'. Lots of history, beautiful vistas, good food and good company with the other members of the group. We would follow Martin anywhere!! Virginia Flavin, USA, Nov 2015.

Our walking holiday in September 2015 in Cornwall was a marvellous experience. Martin, who lives in Cornwall himself, was the perfect guide - knowledgeable, organized but flexible, always enthusiastic and lots of fun. No matter the weather forecast, Martin seemed to find a suitable micro climate for the day. The lunches were yummy and often we were met at the end of the day by Laine, with a hamper in hand for tea and goodies. The days were full and varied with lots of great walking but also time to just kick back and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It's no surprise to me that Adventureline have many clients, who now consider themselves friends, who join them year after year on different excursions that they lead. Thinking about Picos de Europa 2016 as I write this... Jean Hollingworth, Alberta Canada, Nov 2015.

What a fantastic walking holiday I had under the September sun in Cornwall with Martin and Laine this autumn. The days were spent walking the coast and hills with a lovely group of people from around the world, and the nights, I was lucky enough to stay with Martin and Laine in their extraordinary country farmhouse, where Laine would prepare fabulous meals and pour free flowing wine. What more can you ask for! The scenery is amazing, they film all sorts of tv shows and movies in the area for a reason, but the reason I will always return is to be in the company of Martin and Laine. Besides knowing all the best places to walk and see in the area, they make everyone feel special and at home at the same time. I can't sing enough praises for adventureline, the proof is in the pudding, I am already planning my next adventure walking with them next spring. Can't wait! Thanks so much. Tracy Gene, San Francisco, Nov 2015.

I have had three walking holidays with Adventureline and loved them all. Martin's local knowledge is outstanding. I particularly enjoyed the friendly and relaxed atmosphere and made some lasting friendships with fellow walkers. All in all a wonderful experience which, I hope I can enjoy again in the future. I am grateful that I found Adventureline. I like Martin and Laine's ethos of combining a holiday with activity in beautiful countryside. Hilke Platt, England, Nov 2015.

Hiking on the Isles of Scilly with Adventureline was a week of total joy! It was both: easy...comfortable...knowledgeable...interesting...fun...pleasant...caring...and much more! These are trips not to be missed! Elaine Barger, Princeton, New Jersey USA, Nov 2015.

I researched for a long time when planning my trip to Cornwall. I wanted to walk, not sit in a big bus with 40 other people. I wanted to avoid tourist traps. And I wanted a guide who knew the area well. I found all of these and more with Martin and Adventureline. It was well worth the money to have Martin as our guide. Plus, he recommended the most awesome hotel-- Beacon Country House. Martin took my husband and me to marvelous places all over Cornwall. We walked every day along the coast, through quaint fishing villages, and explored beautiful gardens. Martin knows so much about Cornwall--history, geography, botany, you name it. Plus he and Lainie are gracious hosts who made us feel like we had known them for years. We ended every day with tea and bisuits-- the Brits are so civilized about everything. I can't wait to visit again, with Martin, of course. My husband and I will be joining them for our future trips to Europe and beyond! Renata Manzo Scruggs, Richmond Virginia, USA. Nov 2015.

Thank you Martin for making my first solo trip with Adventureline the most enjoyable holiday. You took us to the secret corners of Tuscany, away from the the tourist trails, where we had picnics every day in wonderful pine forests, hill top villages and deserted beaches. We stayed on farms (Agriturismos) and a castle, ate real Italian food and drank lots of Prosecco! I was the only Brit (apart from Martin) amongst Americans who were great company and after 9 days I was sorry to say goodbye. A truly authentic Tuscan experience. Gillian Lewis, Herefordshire, England. Nov 2015.

Hiking with Martin in Cornwall was the best. He is extremely knowledgeable about Cornwall's history, flora and fauna. He used a lifetime of knowledge of Cornwall to select the best hikes each day, taking into account weather conditions and my ability to keep up with him. I unconditionally recommend Adventureline. Alex Ratnofsky, Washington DC, Nov 2015.

Wonderful holidays with interesting people. Martin is a great guide. Thoroughly recommended! John Sidgwick, Wotton Under Edge, Glos, UK. Nov 2015.

Best walking holidays I ever had. Martin is a marvellous guide, knowing perfectly the flora, fauna, geographic grounds and history of a place. The charming way of Martin to get people together is one of his secrets to make these holidays unforgettable. I loved all of them! Elke Farny, Paris, Nov 2015.

Many thanks for another really great walking tour on the Isles of Scilly. That was my sixth holiday with Adventureline and my seventh holiday in Dartmoor is already booked. The Scilly's trip was very well organised and I really enjoyed the scenery, the company of the other walkers, the laughter, the food, the hotel and the extra care you two take with all of your "walkers". Keep walking, and no - you cannot retire, as we need you.
Cheers and best wishes, Diane Raabe, Munich, Germany. September 2015.


P6150093I have been trying all week to find words to express how thrilled I was with every aspect of our Scilly Isles week. Martin, you helped so much with our arrangements sorting out how to get there and your planning of every detail was tremendous. Scilly is beautiful and you made it so accessible to all of us. Plus you made it a lot of fun. The hikes, the meals, the boat rides, the room in Mincarlo, happy hours, everything was great. And to have a group of nine people connect the way we did was incredible. I felt as if I had known all of you for a long time. I am happy to have new friends. Thank you for a great week and for your fabulous leadership. Rosanne Jacks, Princeton NJ, USA. August 2015.

This was the best trip ever! We got to walk along the unspoiled parts of Cornwall, learning history, geology and botany along the way. Renata Manzo, Richmond, Virginia, USA. June 2015.

I have recently returned from my eighth Adventureline trip and have the ninth booked! I cannot say enough about Martin and Laine and the trips they organize and guide. If you are interested in learning about the geology, flora and fauna of an area as well as the history and culture—all done on "the road less travelled" then this company is for you. You will experience places that few tour guides take you to. Check it out! Donna Turner, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. March 2015.

Martin and Lainie are adventuresome, thoughtful, imaginative and fun. I would join them on any trip, anywhere! J. Denny, Princeton, NJ, USA. March 2015.

Thank you so much to Martin for an awesome week of walking along the beautiful Cornish coastline. Martin, who we now call "The Sun Hunter", somehow managed to beat the weather forecasts to give us a full week of blazing sunshine in which to explore. His excellent knowledge of the local geology and wildlife allowed us to see and learn a lot more then we would have done on our own. I highly recommend Adventureline to anybody looking for a relaxed and friendly week of walking (with the odd bit of optional bouldering) in stunning scenery. Thanks again. Chris Lovell & Ceri Evans, UK August 2014.

Above hills moody sky Scotland

Thanks so much Mart & Laine for a really fantastic walk in The Dolomites. Tailor made to each person's taste, completely awesome scenery, fine local food, and the most genial hosts in the business. Pete Hill, Fremantle, Australia. 2014

Our Amalfi Coast tour of 2014 was simply outstanding! After our trip, we felt that we had had an intimate exposure to that part of the world and everything it has to offer - all without the stress of driving those hairpin turns and narrow roads ourselves! The expertly guided hikes presented us with spectacular scenery, hearty picnics, the most amazing Caprese salad ever eaten at the Kiosk of the Path of the Gods, exploration of the beautiful plants and flowers of the area, and of course wonderful company. We loved the variety of our accommodations and their hosts, which presented us with a different ambiance each time: from historic to an Agriturismo to an upscale seaside resort! How wonderful it was to enjoy fantastic dinners each evening, complete with wines and limoncello, and not worry about calories which had already evaporated during our hikes! Boat trips, history lessons at Pompeii, Martin's excellent driving skills, and always the sparkling waters of the Bays of Naples and Salerno framing our views....this trip created memories for a lifetime! Thanks Martin, Laine and Luca for it all! Kathleen and Martin Berry, Massachusetts USA. 2014

Just to say I had a wonderful time in Morocco and thank you for all your good work planning all aspects of this group trek..  It was beautifully organised, embraced a convivial group and the weather improved to ideal! I was sorry to leave before the end of the trek - Anne has told me about the last 3 days in The Valley of the Roses portion with its especially lovely gite of one night - and I was sorry to miss that. Also, you must know that Slimane was an absolute star. Everything worked like clockwork and my journey went just fine so that all the connections proceeded optimally.  What a difference good weather (and therefore views) makes to the crossing of the Atlas Mountains. Connie, UK. March 2014.

We are finally settling in after a wonderful, enjoyable hiking experience with you and Laine on the Amalfi coast of Italy. As always on our past five adventures with you, our expectations were more than met with great walks, good food and the meeting of new friends while experiencing a new great adventure. Rather than travelling long distances to view an interesting site for a short time, you, with your great people skills and knowledge chose to limit the area travelled for a more in-depth experience of the culture and terrain, also using local guides who have become good friends - adding to our in-depth cultural experience. As always we expect to return for another great walk soon. Dave and Nancy Ridgway, Anacortes, Washington, USA. 

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Great walking tours - we've been to Tuscany and Morocco with Martin and couldn't be more pleased. Nice people too! Bonnie and Jon McCluskey, Wisconsin, USA.

Dear Martin, thank you for such a lovely holiday. The memories will be treasured for a lifetime. Michelle and Jeremy, Devon, UK. 

Martin - I often think of the "little adventure" day I went on during our Cornwall trip. Gosh, I guess that was at least ten years ago. To refresh your memory: We rented wetsuits then hiked down to some remote beach, swam through a rocky tunnel (where seals were seen at other end), jumped from rocks into the surf, splashed about in a pool hidden by the rocks it was in, swam and hiked hither and yon. That day, for me, remains among the two or three best days I've ever had. Total absorption in nature, fun and adventure. Of course, the great fellowship and camaraderie of our little group made it that way. I'm so grateful you created the opportunity for us to have that experience. I cannot tell you how much a cherished memory it is. Hope you are well. Sincerely, Harry Kelly, Georgia, USA.

There is no finer walking holiday than those provided by Martin Hunt... after 6 weeks with Martin over the past 10 years we can verify this comment with 100% accuracy... During our recent trip in the Dolomites, we completed two truly spectacular hikes that would rank as in the top 10 of all individual hikes we have ever taken... and we have taken in excess of 300 day hikes worldwide. Do yourself a favour and put Martin Hunt and Adventureline on your "must do" bucket list. Mervyn and Sara Lewis, Melborne, Australia.

I'm just writing to say thank you again for a fantastic week in Cornwall two weeks ago. I knew it would be good, but it surpassed all my expectations!  Leanne Faulkner, Australia.

Thanks, Martin, for an amazing week of walking in Cornwall. It seemed each day was more beautiful than the one before and you managed to find just the right path each day, where the weather matched the views. Such vibrant colours: from the aquamarine and turquoise of the ocean to the masses of flowers in the meadows and cliff sides. Cornwall has a magical glow… and such creative and hearty lunches too! Hoping to join you on another of your trips in the future.  Pam Cox, Calgary, Canada.

I highly recommend Adventureline, it surpassed my expectations for this type of tour. I see many comments on this testimonials page about what I saw and I certainly concur with all of that. However, what I particularly liked was the excellent planning involved in all aspects of the tour. It was so great to have all the details taken care of and know that we could just enjoy the days walk without concern for anything but the experience we were having. Your friendly, relaxed manner is quite engaging. Thanks again to all of you. Peggy McManus. Vancouver Island, Canada.

Martin - you are a total inspiration! Thanks so much for the nice pics, especially of the lunar eclipse with the atmospheric accompanying description ... and also for the pictures you sent after the holiday I came on, at the end of August. They are a lovely reminder of a really great holiday. I have continued to rave to anyone who will listen about the experience you gave us all, as you rambled us around the shores of Cornwall. The work you do, and the energy and knowledge you put into it, is quite fantastic.  Irena Hoare, England.

Dear Martin, Its probably a bit late in coming but we thought you both might like to know just how much we have enjoyed walking with you. As you will remember we started with you back in 2003 and have had the wonderful pleasure of seeing Cornwall (twice), The Cotswolds - and the amazing colours of New England ( USA ). Your sense of humour, your love for the land and your keen sense of adventure together with your amazing sandwiches all made for a wonderful walking experience that has made us return many times. Mervyn and Sara Lewis, Melbourne, Australia.

Our Cornwall walking tour was a fantastic week for us. We met so many wonderful people from all around the world. The views from the cliffs were terrific and we were so impressed that you were able to find us clear weather for our walks, while much of Cornwall was experiencing rain and clouds. We loved the whole package - the walks, the accommodations, the people, and those great handmade lunches. Thanks Martin. Jim & Nancy Pierce, Missouri.

Thank you so much for providing me with such a terrific holiday. There really is so much to thank you for. I loved staying with Jo Mooney and her family at The Beacon Country House Hotel. Martin it was so lovely to meet and walk with you. You gave us so much information, which for me, added a lot to my experience of Cornwall. You made me aware of just how much there is to be interested in in Cornwall, along with the natural beauty which I already had an appreciation for. Jenny Robson, Australia.

A line from the iconic movie The Princess Bride goes something like this…"Get used to disappointment!" Sadly, that had become our mantra for many vacations we had taken over the years. The hotels were never quite as nice as described, the meals not as delicious, the coordination and activities somewhat slapped together. HOWEVER THAT WAS WONDERFULLY NOT THE CASE WITH MARTIN AND HIS ADVENTURELINE TRIP TO TUSCANY! Instead the trip was better than described! The fields of flowers bloomed more brightly than we could have imagined, the vistas were even more breath-taking than claimed, the food and wines beyond delicious, and every day a new adventure. Martin and Gofreddo did a superb job of picking sites that provided a terrific view of Tuscan life with a minimum of tourist hoopla. We toured castles, walled towns and Etruscan grave sites (suitably creepy), heard Gregorian chants in monasteries, ate lunch under ancient olive trees, dined richly at agritourismos (and now have a whole new word for our vocabulary), basked in the waters of hot springs (sublime people watching!), and from the heights of our castle hotel rooms that were so high, we actually looked down on the swallows & swifts flying far below us! In short, we eagerly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to experience the lushness and delight that is Tuscany! Take this trip to Tuscany - it is not to be missed. Molly Langridge and Larry Foster, USA.

Being part of Martin's gang in the Picos de Europa of Spain was hiking at its best -- amazing terrain, imaginative guiding by Michael and Martin, charming villages, fantastic food, lovely accommodations, and rollicking companions who are great fans of Adventureline. Thanks for the memories! Patti Gray, Williamsburg VA.

We've been twice walking with Martin, in Cornwall and the Cotswolds. They are unforgettable holidays for us and we'd just like to say that being with Martin and also his friend John is like walking round with Wikipedia - they have so much knowledge of the places they take you to !!! And what can we say about those sandwiches!........nobody else can get so many things between two slices of bread!! Another thing you can look forward to when you walk with Martin is getting to know people from all walks of life. So if you've never been with Martin, we can highly recommend the experience. Vera and Xisco Smith, Majorca, Spain

Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and feet!) for a breathtaking week. The views, history, folklore, company and lunches were FAB. Thank you for making my first trip out of the USA such a memorable experience. I will return... (Priscilla has in fact returned numerous times since then). Priscilla Wood, Connecticut, USA.

Two words: "Do It". Cornwall is spectacular and is made even more so with Martin's knowledge and enthusiasm. His sandwiches are wonderful; his flexibility in giving the group the best experience is laudable. If you can, stay at the Clearderscroft Hotel; it adds to the fun. It was a marvellous way to spend a week. We were lucky to happen onto Adventureline for a wonderful vacation. I highly recommend it.  Judi Dalton, Tucson Arizona, USA.

During my first Adventureline holiday in 1995 I got to know many wonderful Cornish places. I shall never forget the trip down to the Lizard. We had an open air lecture on the geology of this very special part of Cornwall, followed by a little scramble over the rocks and later in the afternoon Martin took us to a fantastic little bay, where we went for a swim. Martin does know Cornwall like the back of his hand and he surely takes you to the most spectacular places. With his sense of humour he always brings out the best in his groups. Meaning that at the end of a week with Adventureline, you have found some new friends. Throughout the years I have been on many holidays with Martin and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed them! Erika Dieter, Bremen, Germany.

I just completed my fourth hike with Martin - in Cornwall, Tuscany, Dordogne, and Cotswolds. (Since writing this, Vanda has also been to Amalfi and The Dolomites in Italy with us). "These are my favorite vacation adventures. I can leave the daily planning to the local experts, knowing that each day of good exercise will have a special reward in some beautiful place, not overrun by other tourists, so it feels like it is just our special secret. As they say in England, it's Splendid! Brilliant!". Vanda Galen, Minnesota, USA.

Martin is the best. No matter where on earth he takes you it is worth seeing some part of the world through Martin's trips. He has the knowledge and works with the best people whether it is the folks responsible for your bed, your meal, your transportation or leading you to the most interesting places to walk. I have over 25 years of training and experiences as a travel agent -- Martin really is the best. Joan and Ed Singler, Seattle Washington, USA.

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A good walk with Adventureline is wonderful for the sole. Emlyn Harris, Cornwall, England.

Thank you very much for the wonderful walking holiday. It is one of the best holidays I have ever had. Cornwall has so much to offer for everyone. I definitely will come back and recommend to all my friends. Lily Chen, China.

Martin was wonderful and bent over backward to accomodate our needs...he is personable, knowledgeable, and infuses each day with good humor and good food and good commentary. I would take a trip with Adventureline ANYTIME! What GREAT gourmet lunches we had! Martin was even able to take us to the part of Cornwall where it was not raining each day... he has an awesome skill set. Barbara Steel, Connecticut, USA.

A week in Cornwall... I really enjoyed my time in St. Agnes and the walks with you and the group. It's a part of England I'd never visited and feel now that I have. I really was entranced by the beauty of the coast and enlightened by your knowledge of seemingly all things historical, botanical and geological thereabouts. It was a trip I shan't forget. Stepahnie Tucker, California, USA.

Martin Hunt’s walks cover lovely miles in the Cornish countryside, but he also shows the secret crevices in which rare birds nest. He knows the hidden paths to the secluded beaches where the cliffs reveal millions of years of geology. Judy Harper, Glastonbury, New England, USA.

Martin is an intelligent, knowledgeable, friendly and sociable man; the ideal person to lead a group of like-minded individuals on a walking holiday - and The Isles of Scilly are admirably suited for such a project. Gil Osman, Bristol, England.

I was never a keen walker, but Martin somehow managed to get me on my feet...  Katrin Büchi, Switzerland.

Martin you really are an outstanding Travel guide as you give so much of yourself - kindness, tolerance and your knowledge of everywhere you took us all make a walking holiday with you so special. Delma Sherrell and her sister Joy, Cape Town, S.Africa.

We have walked with Martin a total of 5 times in Cornwall, the Cotswolds and Tuscany. Dick and Muriel Anderson, Philadelphia, USA.