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CornwallIsles of Scilly, Dartmoor National Park (UK) 
Amalfi, UmbriaTuscany (Italy) 
Lofoten Islands (Norway)

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With an infectious enthusiasm for travel and super friendly service, we pride ourselves on creatively weaving together walking, talking, nature and her landscapes, geology, archaeology, flora and fauna, cultural heritage and history and good cuisine - to create truly memorable travel and holiday experiences. We believe that travelling is much more than simply visiting a destination. Our walking holidays offer unique journeys that help create a much deeper connection with nature and place - and each other.

Join us during 2017 on one of our very special walking holidays. We have personally designed some of the UK and world's most inspiring hiking, rambling and walking holidays, where you will always be in touch with nature, history, culture and cuisine. So take some time for yourself and choose an exciting destination to explore on foot, in the company of like minded people.

2017 Walking Holidays:  Cornwall (regularly April - Sept); Amalfi Coast Italy (May 1-12); Umbria Italy (June 8-20); Lofoten Islands Norway (July 12-23); Isles of Scilly (Aug 21-28). Dartmoor National Park (Sept 2-9); Tuscany Italy (October 1-14), Umbria Italy (October 14-26). 

This short film shows some of our spectacular North Coast Cornwall beaches.... where we run the most holidays per year

Cornwall - an iconic destination made famous by her grand costal scenery and by numerous romantic writers and films through the ages - such as Winston Graham (of Poldark fame), Daphne de Maurier, Thomas Hardy, Rosamunde Pilcher, John le Carre, the enchanting poet Laureate John Betjeman and Doc Martin

Our Cornwall guided walking holidays will share with you many aspects of The Duchy's huge diversity of scenery, wildlife and history and at the same time, give you many opportunities to unwind from all the stresses of everyday life. Come and see what many claim to be the most wonderful coastline in the world. We really do know all the lovely out-of-the-way places.

All of our 2017 holidays and availability are listed on the Holiday Availability page.

Wherever we walk, we bring the local countryside alive, connecting you with intriguing aspects of nature and wildlife, history, local cultures and traditions. We taste and savour the unique regional gastronomic specialities, which always form an integral part of our tours.

2 CapriThe health benefits of walking are now well known - a daily dose of 30 minutes is good for your heart, lungs, blood pressure and bones. Now we find out it's also good for our brain! A study released by the University of Pittsburgh shows that walking a few miles per week can stave off Alzheimer's disease. According to the BBC, the study proves that "people who walk at least 5 miles a week have bigger brains, better memories and improved mental ability, compared to those who are more sedentary". Can you imagine what 6-9 miles per day can do for you?

Join us for a good time walking and talking in beautiful surroundings; learning a little about the area's natural history, culture and peoples - and indulging your taste buds with the delights of the local cuisine. Perhaps that's why our guests regularly return to join us on one or more of our walking tours. So allow us to share with you what we took a lifetime to discover.

Hope to see you soon! 


About Martin our principle guide:

Enjoyment for Martin comes from his passion and belief that providing walking tours in beautiful landscapes is meaningful.

His desire is to enrich customers' lives with his knowledge of beautiful places, the rhythm of walking, talking, laughing and making new friends and the renewing quality of immersion in nature, history and culture.

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